Suggestions for Importing Used Cars

Japanese used vehicles are very popular for their affordability reliability along with comfort. There are several export companies in the market who export high quality used cars and doing are continuing their business with reputation. is such a company that offers you wholesale price. You can get vehicles at a cheaper price. There is no intermediary and they give the complete breakdown of the price with the surety of the fastest and cheapest service. There are professionals who inspect the conditions of the cars and let the buyer know about everything in details. So you don’t need to have fear of any undesired trouble. 

This trend of buying used Japanese car is popular in many countries of the world. Most of the cars seen on the roads are imported used cars from Japan. Some conditions of allowed imported vehicles are:

•    As vehicles move on the left side, they should be right-hand drive vehicles.

•    The cars should not be used for more than four years.

•    Importation is not allowed from any third country rather it should be done from the country where it is originated.

•    A certificate from Japan Auto Appraisal Institute must be submitted to the customs authority which should have the list of the age of the car, model number and the chassis number. 

These are not the only requirements. There are some documents which are claimed for clearance from the port. The original passport along with the work permit is needed. Certificate of registration and an invoice is needed so that the age can be determined. They must also provide the certificate of the country of origin and the original bill of lading. A report showing the condition of the vehicle and a letter of authorization is also required.


Usually, Japanese used cars are in a good condition. The good and smooth roads may be considered a reason. Again Japanese export vehicle inspection centre is there to make sure all the cars are inspected and certified before go to shipping. Faulty vehicles cannot fit the bill before they are repaired. On an average, 1000000 used cars get exported to different countries of the world.

Avoiding frauds while importing used Japanese cars:

For any used car exporter of Japan, customer satisfaction is their only desire. That doesn’t mean we should blindly believe anyone’s words. So it’s better to do little research before choosing any company.

•    Log on to the portal and try to get as much information as possible regarding their establishment, business, address etc.

•    Then you need to verify the information. You can google their address or call them or search them on JETRO.

•    You need to choose the most reliable exporter and enjoy the goodwill and service.

•    Contact the exporter to know about the process of purchasing and payment. If possible take print out of things or save them.

•    Check their stock if new items are being added regularly to be sure if they do active business.

•    Check every detail of your selected car carefully.

The bottom line is that you must do proper research before you take any step.